Jeffrey Friedman Reiki Master, 2003 certification Teacher: Duffy Poindexter When I was 33 years old I had a Spiritual awakening. Ever since that time I have had a Love & interest in the healing arts and pursued getting trained in and became a Reiki Master. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to offer my gifts to help others & to serve those individuals that God sends my way each day. Reiki contains the idea of Spiritual evolution learning that you have to continue working on yourself, that you have to evolve because if you want to improve the world you have to start by improving and loving yourself. I use Reiki on myself on a daily basis and it works. I use it to heal my physical ailments as well as help me get through challenging mental and emotional times. Reiki & energy healing has served as a constant reminder to me that we are Spiritual beings having Human Experiences & not Human beings having spiritual experiences.

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Ivonne Zuniga Reiki Master, 2003 certification Teacher: Duffy Poindexter After many years of practicing other healing modalities, I've found reiki to be one of the gentlest and easiest tools brought to humanity. Everytime I practice reiki, I'm offered the opportunity to learn how to become a clearer vessel for loving energy to flow through and offer to whoever is on the table. Before working with anyone, I close my eyes, I ask for my guides and angels to accompany and help me give the energy that is needed. As I practice reiki I learn how to clear my mind of thoughts, learn how to breathe in peace and love, so that only peace and love flow through me to other people. I learn what forgiveness feels like. I learn what boundless love feels like. In the end, both the receiver and I have received loving healing energy. It can't get better than this!

Why a healing circle? This is my way of being in service to the community and to my fellow human beings. I've always thought that a healing circle should be formed in each community; where neighbors can congregrate to receive healing. I pray that this type of circle expands and becomes as easy to find as a local grocery store. My desire is for practitioners within this area to stop by and offer their healing art as a service to the community as well.

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